Metformin Side Effects

Metformin is a medication used to control high blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes who are non-insulin dependent.  This drug works to control high blood sugar in order to prevent issues such as kidney damage, blindness, nerve problems and loss of limbs.  It can also help to lessen the risk of stroke or even heart attack.  Metformin’s job is to reduce the amount of sugar the liver makes and that the stomach and intestines absorb.

Possible Effects:

This drug does not seem to have many negative effects although people with hypothyroidism need to be careful and should talk to their doctor before starting the drug.

The following are some of the adverse effects that may occur in patients taking Metformin:
Abdominal cramps
Flatulence and other gastrointestinal problems
Weight gain

Other Metformin side effects: Some people have reported that they have had an allergic reaction to taking this drug and have reported such issues as rash, difficulty breathing, pain in the chest, mouth or lip swelling.  If you experience any of these allergic reactions it is a good idea to consult your doctor immediately.

Although Metformin does not usually cause low blood sugar or hypoglycemia, it may occur if the medication is taken with anti-diabetic drugs.  It is best to talk to your doctor first if you are taking other medications. On the other hand, hyperglycemia make result.  Symptoms include increased urination, confusion, drowsiness, flushing and rapid breath.

If you experience sweating, shaking, a fast heartbeat, blurred vision or dizziness you might have low level of sugar.  Eating or drinking a quick source of sugar such as a candy or fruit juice can often result in the lessening of these symptoms.  Low blood sugar can also be a result of consuming too much alcohol, heavy exercise or even not eating enough calories.

You should tell your doctor however, to discuss alternatives or a change in your dosage.

Symptoms of a heart attack in women

Why do we often talk like that symptoms of a heart attack in women? Is there any difference between the heart attack symptoms in men and women? Well there are few differences in the symptoms of a heart attack in women in comparison to women. This has a strong reason that the lifestyle and anatomy of a women differs from men. Women experiences different physical symptoms of a heart attack and moreover one month before their first heart attack. The symptoms are very different than in men. Women experience some additional symptoms other than the symptoms which are experienced by both men and women.

What are the additional symptoms of a heart attack in women which are absent in men?
The answer to the above question is given below in this article. Women can have subtle symptoms before a heart attack. Along with usual symptoms of a heart attack which are experienced by both men and women, women have some additional symptoms also. The additional symptoms may include the abdominal discomfort with a burning sensation in the upper abdomen. It may give a feeling of indigestion and that is the reason they are ignored. The chest pain which is the most common symptom of a heart attack in men is less frequent in case of women. Therefore you and your must be very careful that you do not misunderstand these symptoms of a heart attack in women. Doctor must take care while examining the patient. If the symptoms of a heart attack are misdiagnosed then the life saving treatment cannot be given instantly as soon as the patient experiences a heart attack. They are less likely to be treated with heart attack preventing medicines like aspirin or beta-blockers which can rescue the patient.

Diet Plans

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