How to Pour the Perfect Beer

The beer is a common beverage in the market nowadays and sometimes (well, most of the time) people do not have the patience for a well-poured, proper-settled glass of beer. A pretty straightforward character and endlessly engaging, beer offers culture and connoisseurship to those who understand its story. But what no one seems to realize is that a drink […]

Does Light Beer Taste as Good as Regular Beer – Yes

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, the right beer is different for everyone. “Regular” (5-5.5% alc/vol) beer generally has more flavor than its light beer (4.2-4.5% alc/vol) counterpart. The alcohol difference is negligible in my opinion, and the lighter beer goes down the throat with a much smoother taste. It must also be noted that […]

Good Earth cocoa chai tea

The Good Earth website describes its Cocoa Chai tea as “rich and dark” with “gentle spice notes.” Rich and dark, it definitely is. The spice notes are about as gentle as a symphony that begins very quietly and gradually swells to a joyous crescendo – that is, as noticeable as the joyous crescendo part of […]

Oolong tea for weight loss

Oolong is a minimally processed, semi-fermented tea leaf from the Camellia sinensis plant. It comes in a variety of wonderful flavors. All depending on the particular fermentation and oxidization process it’s gone through. From rich dark hues to bright green shades Oolong tea is an extremely aromatic and flavorful beverage. The enticing and unique Oolong […]

Proper preparation of a cup of tea

Tea, that amber liquid that the British love to drink. However how do we make that perfect cup of tea? The art of tea making has been lost for many people. I am thirty-three years of age, and the only tea that I have seen is in the little perforated bags that you pop into […]

Tea balls brewing tea

Tea balls! What a great old invention! These little contraptions with all the holes come from an era when all tea was loose tea, sold in bags or tins, often from China, India or Japan. The Victorians brought tea to a height of fashion, yet the slightly earlier Orientalists were from the exotic, artsy community […]

The Return of Pepsi Throwback

It’s nostalgic, it’s made with sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup, and, Pepsi keeps teasing the “Pepsi generation” with limited runs. Pepsi Throwback was a trial run that turned out to be a good idea, and, if Pepsi is testing the water, I think they may have their answer. In the spring of 2009, […]

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay

The American celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, was born Robert William Flay on 22nd December 1964. He is best known for being a restaurateur and as a reality television celebrity in equal measure. However, there was life before the fame for this celebrity chef. He was born in New York, raised there by his Irish American […]

Diet Pepsi

I have been a soda addict since before I can remember. When I was twelve years old I became a diabetic. This had little to do with drinking regular soda, there is a huge family history of diabetes. Anyway, I was told I could no longer drink regular soda, which was heart breaking. I tried […]

Pg tips tea review

Perhaps the debate will never end over what brand of tea could be considered the quintessential English cuppa. However, the odds-on favourite is PG Tips. Widely available in the UK and Canada, it can sometimes be found on Australian, New Zealand and even American store shelves. The PG in PG Tips is short for “pre-digested”. […]